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Geo Palette


"The Geo Palette Hair System’s visual impact while in process excites and piques everyone’s interest. Eliminating all the boundaries of conventional hair design, the Geo Palette System has made the most intricate patterns of multi-dimensional hair color and design easier to achieve, more time friendly, and fun."





Karisma Full Service Salon is proud to be one of a few salons across the country that have Mennella’s Geo Palette Hair System available. The system takes a highly artistic approach to the practice of styling and coloring hair, using many different hues to produce a vibrant blend of color throughout. The system can look as natural or as funky as the customer wants. As the premier full-service salon many people across Hernando, Hillsborough, Citrus and surrounding counties come to Karisma full-service salon for George Mennella's coloring System. 



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